1915-06-29 (145lbs) Kid Graves nd-l pts 10 Walter Mohr, Broadway SC, Brooklyn, NYC, New York, USA

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1915-06-29 (145lbs) Kid Graves nd-l pts 10 Walter Mohr, Broadway AC, Brooklyn, NYC, New York, USA. Referee: Dan Lane. In a very fast contest, Graves (143½) put his 145lbs title claim on the line against Mohr (139) and was made to work hard before the latter took the press verdict at the final bell. While there were no knockdowns, it was Mohr who did all the forcing, and although he was continually booed for using foul tactics he was always looking for a way to finish the contest early. Graves was by far the cleverer, showing to good advantage at distance with the left jab, but his punches lacked power and on the inside he was always second best. The New York Times press report gave Graves just two rounds, Mohr four, with the rest even.

Another contest for Graves, against the lowly-rated Charlie Moody (nd-w rsc 5 on 26 July at the Sunset AC, Brooklyn), should not be taken into account as it was contested above the 145lbs limit.