1915-10-23 (160lbs) Les Darcy w pts 20 Jimmy Clabby, Baker’s Stadium, Sydney, Australia

From Barry Hugman's History of World Championship Boxing
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1915-10-23 (160lbs) Les Darcy w pts 20 Jimmy Clabby, Baker’s Stadium, Sydney, Australia. Referee: Arthur Scott. Still eight days short of his 20th birthday, Darcy (159¼) came through relatively unscathed while making another successful defence of the Australian version of the 160lbs title. This time the opponent was Clabby, one of the world’s leading middles, and while he was defensively sound he was unable to trouble Darcy with his punches. Clabby’s skill was best summed up in the eighth round when, after being almost knocked out by a thunderous left hook and sent staggering around, he was just too clever for Darcy to catch. Although Clabby made a big effort from the 15th onwards it was to no avail as almost all of his best punches merely bounced off Darcy, who insisted on getting even most of the time.

On 1 November, at the West Melbourne Stadium, Melbourne, Darcy (162) knocked out Billy Murray (160) inside six rounds. The writer is unsure whether Murray would have had a claim on the 160lbs title had he won, but it is almost certain that the fight was contracted above that weight.

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