1915-12-03 (142lbs) Harry Stone w pts 15 Young Denny, Athletic Club, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

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1915-12-03 (142lbs) Harry Stone w pts 15 Young Denny, Athletic Club, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Referee: Dick Burke. Made at 142lbs, although Stone’s claim at the weight was at stake against Denny (142) the latter only showed in four rounds according to the Times-Picayune and was unable to cope with the speed and all-round ability of his opponent. The difference between both fighters was a marked one and while Stone (136½) would rock Denny’s head back with left jabs before following up with body attacks virtually in every session, the latter would be chasing shadows for much of the time. At the end of the contest there could only be one winner, Denny taking the sixth and sharing three others, with Stone clearly taking 11 rounds according to the attendant press. On 17 January 1916, Stone beat Frankie Russell on an 18th-round disqualification at the Bienville Street Arena, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Made at 133lbs, Stone (137½) came in over the articled weight and was forced to pay forfeit to Russell (133) who was happy to take the fight despite giving a few pounds away. With Stone’s 142lbs title claim at stake, the Times-Picayune fight report stated that Russell divided his time between trying to hit the title claimant fairly and hitting him unfairly, while being bewildered by the fusillade of left jabs coming his way. Time and again the referee warned Russell to stop going low, using his elbow and butting but it had no effect and after having taking a boxing lesson for round after round, halfway through the 18th he was slung out of the ring after slamming his head into Stone’s face.