1916-02-21 (145lbs) Eddie Moha nd-w disq 11 (15) Kid Graves, Shamrock AC, Dayton, Ohio, USA

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1916-02-21 (145lbs) Eddie Moha nd-w disq 11 (15) Kid Graves, Shamrock AC, Dayton, Ohio, USA. Referee: Bud Lally. Although Graves had dropped press decisions to both Ted Kid Lewis and Jack Britton he was still claiming the title at 145lbs ringside, a weight that his fight against Moha was made at according to the Dayton News. Evenly matched, the contest came to a sudden end when Graves hit low with a right-hand smash and was disqualified. Following the result, Moha himself laid claim to the 145lbs title with little backing, while Graves, not satisfied in being disqualified continued to see himself as the best man at the weight without any tangible support. On 24 May, Moha lost his title claim when beaten by Ted Kid Lewis (nd-l rsc 13 at the Gymnastic Club, Dayton) in his first contest since taking over Graves’ 145lbs title claim. The American made a reasonable start when flooring Lewis in the second round, but the latter came back strongly with fast, clever work to outclass his rival in every facet of the game. After Lewis had put Moha down with a hard left to the jaw in the 13th, the referee stopped the fight when it was clear that the title claimant could not continue. Athough technically taking over the loser’s claim, Lewis considered Britton to be the rightful champion and did not pursue it.