1916-05-13 (160lbs) Les Darcy w rsc 5 (20) Alex Costica, Baker’s Stadium, Sydney, Australia

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1916-05-13 (160lbs) Les Darcy w rtd 5 (20) Alex Costica, Baker’s Stadium, Sydney, Australia. Referee: Arthur Scott. Making his seventh successful defence of the Australian version of the 160lbs title, Darcy (158) was far too good for Costica (154¼), who really should not have been allowed to share the same ring with him. Hanging on like a limpet allowed Costica to get through the first round, but after being dropped in the second and again in the third, when saved by the bell, he came out for the fourth staring defeat in the face. It was not long in coming, and having been floored twice more Costica was pulled out by the referee on the instructions of the police.