1916-08-28 (118lbs) Kid Williams nd-w rtd 5 (10) Young Joey Mendo, Baseball Park, Buffalo, New York, USA

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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28 August (118lbs) Kid Williams nd-w rtd 5 (10) Young Joey Mendo, Baseball Park, Buffalo, New York, USA. Referee: Joe Suttner. The Buffalo Boxing Record handout gave this as a title match made at 118lbs, with both men inside. Not lacking in confidence, Mendo (117) took the fight to the champion from the opening bell and had slightly the better of the opening two rounds before Williams (118) came on strong in the third with body blows. Even so, Mendo just about shaded the round and won the fourth before Williams attacked him with gusto in the fifth. Although still aggressive, Mendo was beginning to feel the full force of Williams’ body attacks and after complaining to the referee that he had been hit low and being turned down another punch had him doubled up in pain. At that point, Mendo turned and walked to his corner, refusing to continue at the behest of the referee, who stopped the fight and awarded the decision to Williams. A careful examination by the doctor afterwards failed to show that Mendo had been fouled.

When Williams was deemed to have beaten Frankie Brown (nd-w pts 10 at Oriole Park, Baltimore, Maryland) on 4 September the contest was initially thought to have involved his 118lbs title claim, but was disqualified from doing so after the latter weighed 119½lbs. A further no-decision defence of Williams’ 118lbs title claim came on 11 September over a short distance against Joe O’Donnell (nd-w pts 6 at the Olympia AA, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) and on 15 September at the Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo, he won a ten-round press verdict over Dick Loadman. While Loadman made 118lbs, Williams came in at 118¼.