1917-09-11 (116lbs) Johnny Ertle nd-w pts 10 Roy Moore, The Auditorium, St Paul, Minnesota, USA

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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11 September (116lbs) Johnny Ertle nd-w pts 10 Roy Moore, The Auditorium, St Paul, Minnesota, USA. Made at 116lbs, Ertle and Moore mixed it up well in a fast-paced affair, but although closely contested it was the general opinion of the pressmen present that Ertle was the better of the pair. Ertle’s manager, Mike McNulty, stated that he would continue to match his protege at that weight with the utmost confidence.

Despite that statement, Ertle’s next seven contests would all be at 118lbs - against Tony Barone, George Thompson, Joe Burman, Jack Kid Wolfe, Kid Williams, Wolfe again, and Artie Simons. Whether or not Ertle saw himself as the top man at 118lbs as well as 116lbs is unclear, but what is clear is the fact that he made it to the final bell after meeting Barone (nd-w pts 10 at The Theatre, Waterloo, Indiana on 28 September), Thompson (nd-w pts 10 at the Lakeside Arena, Racine, Wisconsin on 29 October), Burman (nd-w pts 10 at the Arcadia Rink, Milwaukee, Wisconsin on 21 November), Wolfe (nd-l pts 10 at Grays Armory, Cleveland, Ohio on 7 December), Williams (drew 12 at the Peerless AC, Baltimore, Maryland on 17 December), Wolfe again (nd-l pts 10 at Grays Armory, Cleveland on 25 January 1918) and Simons (nd-w pts 10 at the Orleans AC, New Orleans, Louisiana on 4 February 1918.