1919-08-15 Pete Herman nd-l pts 10 Jackie Sharkey, The Auditorium, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA - WORLD

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1919-08-15 Pete Herman nd-l pts 10 Jackie Sharkey, The Auditorium, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA - WORLD. Referee: Walter Houlahan. Billed as a title fight at 118lbs, with both men inside the weight according to the Milwaukee Sentinel, the contest itself saw Herman fail to open up until the fifth round after being warned by the referee to provide more action. However, Herman was soon back in his shell, treating it as a sparring session. While Sharkey continually forced the action he lacked the power to harm the champion, being guilty of hitting with the open glove. Even taking that into account, Sharkey influenced most of attending press that he would have been worthy of the decision had one been given.

A contest that was typical of the times was Herman’s meeting with Joe Lynch (nd-l pts 10 at Driveway Park, Waterbury, Connecticut on 1 September), which despite being advertised as a title match saw the latter come to the ring at 119lbs with the champion not even bothering to weigh in.

Although Herman’s next 17 contests ended up as catchweight affairs or were contracted as such, by allowing some of his opponents to come to the ring inside 118lbs he was taking a bit of a risk, especially if he had been knocked out or stopped. Fights that fell into this category came against Sharkey (nd-drew 10 at the Athletic Club, Detroit, Michigan on 15 September), Sammy Sandow (nd-l pts 10 at the National AC, Newport, Kentucky on 30 September), Lynch (nd-w pts 6 at the Olympia AC, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 12 November), Johnny Buff (nd-drew 8 at the City AC, Trenton, New Jersey on 24 November), Mickey Russell (nd-w pts 8 at the City AC, Jersey City on 27 November), Patsy Johnson (nd-w pts 6 at the Olympia AC, Philadelphia on 1 December), Johnny Ritchie (nd-w co 8 at the Tulane Arena, New Orleans, Louisiana on 7 January 1920), Young Solberg (nd-w pts 8 at The Coliseum, St Louis, Missouri on 10 February 1920), Earl Puryear (nd-drew 8 at the Grand Theatre, Trenton on 1 March 1920), Lew Angelo (nd-w co 8 at The Armory, Paterson, New Jersey on 19 March 1920), Joe O’Donnell (nd-w pts 8 at The Armory, Camden, New Jersey on 31 March 1920), Paul Demers (w pts 10 at The Arena AA, New Bedford, Massachusetts on 19 April 1920), Jabez White (nd-w pts 8 at the Olympia AC, Philadelphia on 10 May 1920) and Roy Moore (nd-w pts 6 at the Ice Palace, Philadelphia on 19 May 1920).