1920-05-06 (160lbs) Johnny Wilson w pts 12 Mike O’Dowd, Mechanics Building, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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1920-05-06 (160lbs) Johnny Wilson w pts 12 Mike O'Dowd, Mechanics Building, Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Referee: Hector McInnes. Announced from the ring as a 160lbs title fight, although the champion was the aggressor throughout, Wilson (158) repeatedly tagged him with southpaw rights. After knocking O’Dowd (159½) down in the second round for ‘four’ with a straight right, Wilson surprised most of those in attendance by his ability to continually break through his opponent’s guard. Generally recognised as the champion on his victory, Wilson, the recipient of the referee’s decision, was reckoned to have won eight rounds to O’Dowd’s two, with two even.