1920-05-31 (145/147lbs) Jack Britton nd-w pts 15 Johnny Griffiths, League Park, Akron, Ohio, USA

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1920-05-31 (145/147lbs) Jack Britton nd-w pts 15 Johnny Griffiths, League Park, Akron, Ohio, USA. Referee: Eddie Davis. Made at 145lbs, according to the Akron Beacon Journal the 34-year-old Britton held a decisive edge in every round, often hitting Griffiths at will with stinging left jabs and finishing festivities as fresh as when he started.

When Britton came up against Young Joe Borrell (nd-w pts 8 at the Palace, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 2 June) and Eddie Shevlin (nd-w pts 12 29, a back-to-back six rounder at Exposition Park, Portland, Maine), both men were reported to have made 145lbs. Regardless of the fact that no weights were published, the papers reported that Britton comfortably held on to his title.

Facing Marcel Thomas (nd-w rsc 10 on 26 July 1920 at the 1st Regiment Armory, Newark, New Jersey) Britton stipulated that the fight should be made at 150lbs despite many thinking that his title was at stake. Even in so-called billed title fights, where it was stated that the opponent was inside 147lbs, Britton often had a habit of not weighing in.

On 23 August 1920, Britton drew over 12 rounds with Lou Bogash (at the Bridgeport Arena, Connecticut). Despite the Boston Daily Globe not reporting it as a title fight, it was recognised as one by some of those who mattered in America, especially with both men inside 147lbs. Although Britton (146¾) claimed that this was a catchweight contest and he could only lose the title at 145lbs, had Bogash (147) won he too would have had plenty of support.

Another fight for Britton where the opponent made the championship weight while it is unclear whether he did came against the 145lbs Johnny Tillman (nd-w pts 10 on 3 September at the Baseball Park, Cleveland, Ohio).