1920-08-19 Pete Herman nd-w pts 10 Roy Moore, Stratton Park, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA - WORLD

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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19 August Pete Herman nd-w pts 10 Roy Moore, Stratton Park, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA - WORLD. The Colorado Springs Gazette reported that Herman (116) retained his title after both men had come to the ring inside 118lbs. With much of the fight being contested at close quarters, Moore (116) hammering away to little effect, it was the champion’s cleverness that prevented any damage being done. Not only that, but Herman also landed some vicious blows, putting blood on Moore’s face in the third, and was deemed by the press to have won seven rounds, with two even. The fight had been moved from Denver when a permit for a 15-rounder had been declined.

Three more fights for Herman which were made above 118lbs to protect his title but where his opponents publicly stated that they were inside the championship weight came against George Lee (w pts 10 on 5 September at the Tulane Arena, New Orleans, Louisiana), Joe Burman (nd-l pts 8 on 6 September at The Coliseum, St Louis, Missouri) and Jackie Sharkey (nd-l pts 10 on 11 September at the Oswego Arena, East Chicago, Michigan).

Although Herman’s contest against Jimmy Kelly (nd-w pts 10 on 21 September at the Princess Theatre, Beardstown, Illinois) was reported by the Daily Illinois News to involve the championship, it is unclear as to whether Herman made 118lbs or merely allowed Kelly the privilege of doing so. While Kelly forced the fight with a view to winning inside the distance, Herman, who went forward to meet Joe Lynch in defence of his title in NYC, New York on 22 December, was just too clever for his rival and sauntered through the ten rounds for a good workout.