1922-04-21 Johnny Wilson nd-nc 4 (10) KO Jaffe, American AC, Hazleton, Pennsylvania, USA - PENNSYLVANIA

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1922-04-21 Johnny Wilson nd-nc 4 (10) KO Jaffe, American AC, Hazleton, Pennsylvania, USA - PENN. Referee: Joe O’Donnell. Billed for the title and contested in one of the few States where Wilson could still ply his trade, the Hazleton Standard Sentinel reporting the men being inside 158lbs, Wilson had an easy time of it apart from being dumped in the second round after being hit with a right hand on the chin. Getting up quickly, although dazed, the southpaw champion tore into Jaffe so viciously that the latter was compelled to hold on for dear life. From then on Wilson did all the leading and Jaffe had no chance. As the fourth began, Jaffe fell to his knees from a shove and just as Wilson moved in for kill the referee called it off, claiming it to be a no-contest as the angry crowd hissed and booed. On 4 July at The Fairgrounds, Rutland, Vermont, an over-the-weight Wilson knocked out one Al DeMaris in the fourth round of what the Chicago Tribune reported as being Vermont’s first ever world title fight. However, it was just an eight-round catchweight no-decision contest for Wilson against a man with no record to speak of, with just 500 people in attendance. Also reported as Al Demerest, apart from this contest there is no record of either and it is more than likely that this man was either Sailor Demarest or Joe DeMaris who were around at the same time. Following the fight, Wilson was stripped of his title by the NYSAC after finally deciding not to go ahead with a contracted fight against Harry Greb in New York. His reasoning for this was that he had been forced to sign for the fight in order to recover his purse monies due from the second Bryan Downey fight, an argument that did not wear with the authority.