1922-07-10 Joe Lynch w rtd 14 (15) Johnny Buff, The Velodrome, Bronx, NYC, New York, USA - WORLD

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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10 July Joe Lynch w rtd 14 (15) Johnny Buff, The Velodrome, Bronx, NYC, New York, USA - WORLD. Referee: Patsy Haley. In regaining his old title, Lynch (117¼) proved himself still to be a brilliant, brainy boxer with fine judgement, speed, stamina and, last but not least, a powerful punch. It was his snappy and precise straight left that devoured Buff (113½) round after round and eventually set him up for an inside-the-distance defeat when his corner threw the towel in after 0.06 of the 14th had elapsed. At that stage, Buff, who had one-sidedly been beaten and had no chance of winning, was on the floor and doomed to defeat. Immediately following the contest both men were suspended by the NYSAC pending an enquiry into private financial arrangements between the pair, but on 2 August both men were absolved of any wrong doing.

As the new champion, Lynch next took on Frankie Murray (w co 2 on 21 August at the Southern AC, Shreveport, Louisiana), Ben Levy (w co 1 on 24 August at The Coliseum, Fort Worth, Texas) and Memphis Pal Moore (nd-w pts 10 on 4 September at Fitzsimmons’ Open Air Arena, Michigan City, Michigan), with the first two matches given title billing regardless of a lack of known weights, while his contest with Moore was articled at 119lbs.