1922-11-24 Joe Lynch w rsc 5 (12) Benny Schwartz, Memorial Hall, Springfield, Ohio, USA - WORLD

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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24 November Joe Lynch w rsc 5 (12) Benny Schwartz, Memorial Hall, Springfield, Ohio, USA - WORLD. Referee: Dr Scott. The local papers reported that although a permit had been issued by the boxing commission for the bout to be given world title status, if either fighter was thought to be not giving of his best the contest would be stopped and all gate monies refunded. The papers went on to state that both men were articled to make 118lbs or below. Putting on a championship display, Lynch showed excellent skills in dismantling Schwartz inside the scheduled distance. Apart from the opening session when he took the fight to Lynch, swinging wildly, the challenger was totally outclassed and outgeneralled as he began to be jabbed silly and set up with body punches. Showing himself to be a master at infighting and distance, Lynch gradually picked up the pace and blasted Schwartz to the canvas with a right to the jaw in the third session before repeating the dose in the fourth. Coming out for the fifth, Schwartz, his left eye closed and lips swollen, looked a sorry state and he was soon under pressure as Lynch beat him about the body and measured him with left jabs. The end was in sight and after another right hand had decked Schwartz, the latter was rescued by the referee after he had clambered to his feet at ‘nine’ in no position to defend himself.