1922-11-30 Mike O’Dowd w disq 8 (15) Dave Rosenberg, Clermont SC, Brooklyn, NYC, New York, USA - NY

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1922-11-30 Mike O'Dowd w disq 8 (15) Dave Rosenberg, Clermont SC, Brooklyn, NYC, New York, USA - NY. Referee: Patsy Haley. Prior to the fight, Rosenberg (156), the NYSAC world champion, had asked for a postponement due to suffering a badly swollen right hand in training, but was told to get on with it by the Commission. He even started well, cutting the onrushing O’Dowd (159) on the left eye in the first round before being knocked down in the third from a heavy right to the head. From there onwards, in a bout not up to championship standard, Rosenberg’s punching was erratic to say the least and he was warned several times by the referee to keep them up. It was thus no surprise when he put O’Dowd, who was beginning to weaken, down in a heap with a low right hand in the eighth session and with the latter writhing on the floor in considerable pain the referee had seen enough and disqualified Rosenberg on the 2.20 mark.

On winning, O’Dowd took over the New York version of the title, but then forfeited all recognition after being knocked out by Jock Malone (152½) in the first round of a no-decision contest at the Auditorium, St Paul, Minnesota on 16 March 1923. At this juncture, O’Dowd, who had scaled 158½lbs for the fight, announced his retirement from boxing and, in early May 1923, the NYSAC reinstated Johnny Wilson as champion as champion after he had agreed to defend the title against Harry Greb at the Polo Grounds in New York City during August. At the same time, the NBA stated that they would also recognise the winner as the champion.

While all of this was going on, Panama Joe Gans was still considered by many as the ‘black’ champion, and having risked his claim up against Joe Libby (nd-w pts 8 in Atlantic City, New Jersey on 6 November 1922, he next defended against Whitey Black (nd-w pts 10 at the Olympia AC, Detroit, Michigan on 14 May 1923), Tiger Flowers (nd-l pts 12 at The Coliseum, Toledo, Ohio on 25 May 1923) and Willie Walker (w co 9 at the Commonwealth SC, Manhattan, NYC, New York on 30 June 1923).