1922-12-22 Joe Lynch w pts 15 Midget Smith, Madison Square Garden, Manhattan, NYC, New York, USA - WORLD

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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22 December Joe Lynch w pts 15 Midget Smith, Madison Square Garden, Manhattan, NYC, New York, USA - WORLD. Referee: William McPartland. Jabbed at will and battered from pillar to post throughout, Smith (118), cut on the left eye early, showed himself to be as game as they come, taking his medicine and coming back for more. There was no doubting that Lynch (116¾) deserved the unanimous decision as it had been very one sided, virtually every round going to the champion, but in the eyes of the crowd he should have finished the challenger off way before the verdict was announced.

Despite it being contested over eight rounds, Lynch met Pete Husic (nd-w pts 8 on 27 February 1923 at the Olympia AC, Harrisburgh, Pennsylvania) in a match the Harrisburgh Patriot reported as a billed title fight at 118lbs. A little later, on 10 April 1923 at the Exposition Hall, Portland, Maine, Lynch gained a 12-round press decision over Joe O’Donnell in back-to-back six rounders (a way to get around the law) at 118lbs according to the Portland Press Herald. Lynch then let Bobby Wolgast (nd-w pts 8 on 9 July 1923 at the Phillies Ballpark, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) also meet him at 118lbs.

Booked to defend his title against Joe Burman on 19 October 1923, Lynch withdrew after being supposedly injured in an accident just two days before the contest was due to take place and was decreed by the NYSAC to have forfeited his title. It was then announced by the NYSAC that when Burman made 118lbs for Lynch’s replacement, Abe Goldstein, he would be proclaimed champion under clause V11 of their rule book.