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1923-06-18 Pancho Villa w rsc 7 (15) Jimmy Wilde, Polo Grounds, Manhattan, NYC, New York, USA - WORLD. Referee: Patsy Haley. Despite being a pale shadow of a once great fighter, Wilde (109½) went down like a true champion at 1.46 of the seventh round, fighting on empty and showing trememendous courage. Initally both men were cautious, but after the bell rang to end the second session Villa (110) connected with a tremendous right to the jaw and Wilde, with his hands at his side, had to be carried to his corner in a bad way. There were strong arguments for Villa to be disqualified before Wilde, on shaky legs, came out for the third and although he took the fight to the Filipino his punches lacked bite. Despite everything, including having to take back-handed blows to the head which were deemed to be legal in New York, Wilde continued to trade with his stronger opponent before being punched around the ring at will in the sixth. The end was by now inevitable and with both eyes almost closed Wilde continued to pile in during the seventh until a short right hook dropped him face down in a neutral corner. No count was necessary as the referee immediately stopped the fight, Wilde being carried to his corner by his seconds. A true legend of the ring, a man who in his prime could give weight to anyone, this was only Wilde’s fourth defeat.