1923-07-27 Jimmy Jones w pts 10 Dave Shade, The Arena, Boston, Massachusetts, USA - MASSACHUSETTS

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1923-07-27 Jimmy Jones w pts 10 Dave Shade, The Arena, Boston, Massachusetts, USA - MASSACHUSETTS. Referee: Jack Sheehan. With never an idle moment in what was a furious contest, three times Shade (143) sent the muscular Jones (145½) to the canvas, but each time the rugged Jones got to his feet and fought back like a man possessed against his cleverer opponent. The only clean knockdown came in the eighth when Shade dropped his rival with a solid left to the head, and after Jones got to his feet the fighting became so intense that both boys went through the ropes along with the referee. According to The Ring magazine report of the fight it was even going into the tenth, but with Jones taking the round the decision went in his favour.

Recognised in Massachusetts as a world 147lbs title fight, on 31 July after reports of the bout had satisfied the New York Commissioner that the decision in favour of Jones over Shade was fully justified, the former was acclaimed champion by the NYSAC. According to the Boston Post, Shade had already been signed up to defend his NYSAC version of the title against Georgie Ward in NYC on 24 August. Despite the lack of title billing, the fight went ahead with Shade winning on points over 15 rounds.

Later, outside the jurisdiction of Massachusetts and New York, Jones tangled with Johnny Tillman (nd-w pts 10 at the Broad AC, Newark, New Jersey on 30 August) and Bermondsey Billy Wells (nd-nc 6 at the Auditorium, St Paul, Minnesota on 11 September). Both fights were of the no-decision variety at 147lbs, and in the latter both men fell out of the ring at which stage the action was called off.