1925-04-01 Mike Ballerino w pts 10 Steve Kid Sullivan, Armory AA, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA - NY/NBA/PENNSYLVANIA

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1925-04-01 Mike Ballerino w pts 10 Steve 'Kid' Sullivan, Armory AA, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA - NY/NBA/PENN. Referee: Pop O’Brien. Attacking the champion to the body for the whole ten rounds ended with Ballerino (129½) winning the title by a unanimous decision and he showed that he had learned from their first title fight when lulled into a false sense of security. This time round, Sullivan (129½) never really recovered from a first-round knockdown, when a left-right-left did the damage, and it was all uphill from thereon. On 30 May at the Driving Park, Columbus, Ohio, Ballerino took a ten-round press decision off Frankie Callahan in a fight that had been reported by the Columbus Ohio State Journal as involving the former’s 130lbs title. Certainly, the so-called challenger did not fight as though the title was up for grabs, a fact explained the following day when the Columbus Dispatch reported that Ballerino scaled 132lbs to Callahan’s 131. Another contest that was reported in some newspapers as involving the title came on 23 June at the Phillies Ballpark, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, when Ballerino fought a ten-round draw with Babe Ruth. With the match made at 132lbs, Ballerino’s title was safeguarded even if Ruth had come in below 130lbs.