1925-09-21 Mickey Walker w pts 15 Dave Shade, Yankee Stadium, Bronx, NYC, New York, USA - NY/NBA/GB

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1925-09-21 Mickey Walker w pts 15 Dave Shade, Yankee Stadium, Bronx, NYC, New York, USA - NY/NBA/GB. Referee: Patsy Haley. Prior to the 15th most of the audience were of the impression that Shade (147) only had to stand up to win the title. However, come the final bell The Ring magazine had both men winning six rounds with two even at the end of the 14th, and with Walker’s big finish in the 15th when he hammered Shade at will, smashing him to head and body with heavy wallops, they saw it as a hard-earned but worthy win for the champion. Even the judges were divided, two voting for Walker (144½), including the referee, and one for Shade, but according to several papers the decision in Walker’s favour had to be one of the worst seen in New York.

Walker had started as aggressively as ever when delivering punishing blows to head and body, but Shade, bobbing up and down, was soon sending in accurate straight lefts and rights to the head. Although the champion was at his best in the fourth, sixth, seventh and 15th as he ripped in powerful blows from both hands, Shade almost always came back to nullify further advances with clever moves and hard hitting of his own, and it should be noted that at least three times a dazed Walker made out for the wrong corner at the end of a round. Frustrating Walker continuously, even making him look foolish at times, Shade must have thought it was going to be his time prior to the verdict, but it was not to be as two of the judges decided that Walker’s punches had carried the most weight and had the most effect.

Having twice failed narrowly to win the title, although recognised as the champion in New York for a short time, this would virtually be the last fight for Shade at 147lbs and from there on he concentrated on the middleweights.