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1926-05-20 Pete Latzo w pts 10 Mickey Walker, The Armory, Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA - NY/NBA/GB. Referee: Frank Floyd. A savage contest, which saw plenty of heavy hitting on both sides, ended with Walker (144) losing his title to Latzo (146) following a majority verdict in the latter’s favour. Interestingly, the referee had it as a draw. While Latzo started slowly, conserving his energy when crouching low to make himself a difficult target, he was still forced to withstand terrific body punishment before making his run for home. Eventually getting his counter offensive going, in the closing rounds Latzo swarmed all over the by now tiring Walker, slamming in stinging punches to head and body to have him frequently staggering around the ring prior to the final bell. Having been out of action for six months prior to the contest, Walker put his defeat down to being overtrained after coming to a peak much too early, but regardless of that he lost to a better boxer who had his number on the night.

Reported in some places as involving the title, when Latzo (153½) knocked out Willie Harmon, who scaled 144¾, inside five rounds at Dreamland Park, Newark, New Jersey on 29 June, it was merely a no-decision non-title contest with the latter being inside the championship weight.

At their conference in July, the IBU membership agreed to recognise Latzo as the world champion, having vacated the title the previous year.