1926-12-03 Mickey Walker w pts 10 Tiger Flowers, The Coliseum, Chicago, Illinois, USA - WORLD

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1926-12-03 Mickey Walker w pts 10 Tiger Flowers, The Coliseum, Chicago, Illinois, USA - WORLD. Referee: Benny Yanger. Launching a furious two-fisted attack from the opening bell, knowing that the best way for him to win the title was by a knockout, Walker (154) soon put Flowers (159) down with a right to the jaw. Back on his feet quickly, the second round saw Flowers take control when a southpaw right opened a cut over Walker’s left eye. Thereafter, with both men taking it in turns to go on the offensive it seemed to be about even coming into the ninth. Knowing that his bid to win the title depended on the last couple of rounds, Walker waded into Flowers in the ninth to drop him with a left hook-right cross. Although the champion recovered quickly, going toe to toe until the end of the tenth, the referee had no hesitation in raising Walker’s hand at the bell.

Some 18 fights later, and four days after beating Leo Gates, Flowers tragically lost his life on 16 November 1927 following an operation to remove a growth over his right eye.

Walker’s first defence would be against Scotland’s Tommy Milligan, the British, British Empire and European title claimant, who had been the leading challenger for the welterweight title at the end of 1925 as far as Tex Rickard was concerned. However, Milligan had moved up in weight, as had Walker, and had victories over men such as Alex Ireland, Hamilton Johnny Brown, Ted Kid Lewis, Bruno Frattini, Morrie Schlaifer, Jack Zivic, a highly-ranked member of the famous fighting family, and Ted Moore. Despite the EBU not recognising him as their champion, it was more to do with Britain not conforming to their rules and regulations at that time.