1931-04-10 Jack Kid Berg w pts 10 Billy Wallace, Olympia, Detroit, Michigan, USA - NBA

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1931-04-10 Jack Kid Berg w pts 10 Billy Wallace, Olympia, Detroit, Michigan, USA - NBA. Referee: Elmer McClelland. Making another defence Berg (138) kept Wallace (137) on the defensive throughout, landing two for every blow his rival landed, despite many of them lacking real sting. With the exception of a hard right to Wallace’s head in the opening round there was little damage done, with most of the action being at close quarters, and at the final bell Berg was a popular winner when handed the unanimous decision.

Rather belatedly, the NBA presented Berg with the championship belt on 21 April, just three days prior to him losing it in bitter circumstances after challenging for the lightweight title. Knocked out inside three rounds by Tony Canzoneri (132lbs) at The Stadium, Chicago, Illinois on 24 April, following the fight Berg (134¼) claimed he had been contracted to contest the lightweight title only, and that his junior welterweight crown was safe because different titles at different weights could not be at stake during the same bout. That did not wear with the Illinois Boxing Commission and the NBA, even though Berg had been forced to come inside 135lbs in order to challenge Canzoneri.

Although not recognised by any of the official bodies, The Ring magazine supported Berg, who styled himself as champion in contests against Tony Herrera, Ray Kiser, Tony Lambert and Teddy Watson. All four men were beaten - Herrera 138½ (w pts 10 at Madison Square Garden, Manhattan, NYC, New York on 8 May), Kiser 138½ (w pts 10 at the Mayers Bowl, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on 18 May), Lambert 139 (w rsc 8 at Dreamland Park, Newark, New Jersey on 22 June) and Watson 139 (w co 7 at the Baseball Park, Jersey City, New Jersey on 24 July).