1931-10-26 Young Perez w co 2 (15) Frankie Genaro, Sports Palace, Paris, France - NBA/IBU

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1931-10-26 Young Perez w co 2 (15) Frankie Genaro, Sports Palace, Paris, France - NBA/IBU. Fast and clever, Perez, the French champion, made good use of the opportunity afforded him when scoring heavily with body shots in the opening round to shake Genaro (111) up considerably. Sensing that this was his time, Perez (109) charged out of his corner at the start of the second and treated Genaro, who suffered making the weight, to much of the same. There was no restraining the challenger and following a left to the jaw the title changed hands on the 1.50 mark, leaving the American to claim that he had misjudged the count.

A young Spanish fighter, Mariano Arilla, came from nowhere to claim a place in The Ring magazine’s ratings at the end of November, having beaten Valentin Angelmann and Genaro in the space of a week or so. Far from cementing his position, Arilla lost to Angelmann in his next contest, and after being outpointed twice by Perez in non-title fights he moved up among the bantams.

On 9 April 1932, the NBA wrote to Perez advising him that if he did not sign up for a defence shortly he would be stripped, but there was no real progress despite the BBBoC continuing in their efforts to get Jackie Brown, the British and European flyweight champion, a crack at the title. It was not as if Perez was inactive, but he was by now walking a tight rope with the NBA, even though he somehow continued to be recognised by them. However, on 18 August 1932, with their patience strained, the Association ordered him to defend against Brown and the fight was made shortly after.