1932-07-14 Maxie Rosenbloom w pts 15 Lou Scozza, Bison Stadium, Buffalo, New York, USA - NY

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1932-07-14 Maxie Rosenbloom w pts 15 Lou Scozza, Bison Stadium, Buffalo, New York, USA - NY. Referee: Gunboat Smith. Piling on the pressure in the first half of the fight, Rosenbloom (175) had too much of everything for the plodding Scozza (173), who despite being cuffed and slapped tried his utmost to get to close quarters where he would be more effective. Often Scozza was left floundering as the champion used the ring and in the seventh he was floored by a looping right to the jaw before jumping up without a count. However, from the 11th, Rosenbloom was in trouble as Scozza began to find his mark and in the 14th he dropped the former with a heavy right to the jaw for ‘nine’. Although shaken up, the champion weathered the storm to win by a majority.

With pressure mounting on Rosenbloom to make another defence of his title, on 26 January 1933, Frank Bachman, his manager, notified the NYSAC that he had agreed to fight against the sixth-ranked Billy Jones and had asked the promoters to put it on as soon as possible. There seemed little interest in the fight and two weeks later it was reported that Rosenbloom would be defending his title against the winner of a contest at Madison Square Garden, NYC, New York, between Ad Heuser, making his debut in the States, and Harry Ebbets on 10 February. The fight was won by Heuser on points over ten rounds and the date set for 10 March.

According to the 1934 Post Record Book a 15-round points win for Rosenbloom (180) over the 176lbs Al Stillman at The Arena, St Louis, Missouri on 22 February 1933 was a title bout. However, the match was made at catchweights and did not involve the championship.