1933-06-29 Primo Carnera w co 6 (15) Jack Sharkey, MSG Bowl, Queens, NYC, New York, USA - WORLD

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1933-06-29 Primo Carnera w co 6 (15) Jack Sharkey, MSG Bowl, Queens, NYC, New York, USA - WORLD. Referee: Arthur Donovan. In a fight made famous because of the ‘Phantom Punch’, a right uppercut that very few people witnessed clearly, Sharkey (201) became the first heavyweight champion to lose his title in his first defence. Having outscored Carnera (260½) in 1931, Sharkey made a solid start and in the opening five rounds was out in front, his better boxing being too much for the clumsy Italian giant. It was in the sixth that the fight changed course, Carnera being told by his corner to get his big punches off. Driving in with both hands, Carnera was thumping Sharkey around the ring when the latter was caught off balance and slipped over. Up immediately, Sharkey charged into Carnera and slammed in a terrific blow to the temple that spun his man around, but failed to halt him. According to Nat Fleischer of The Ring magazine, Sharkey went to pieces after landing his best shot and being unable to halt Carnera’s attack. It would have been better for Sharkey had he reverted to his earlier tactics, but in foolhardy fashion he persisted in rushing Carnera and was made to pay a heavy price. Holding Sharkey off with his left, Carnera ripped in four heavy rights to the body before a right uppercut to the jaw put the champion down for the full count, timed at 2.27 of the session. Regardless of rumours spreading to the effect that the fight had been rigged, Fleischer reported that the punch in question had crashed against Sharkey’s chin with powerful force, while the referee remarked afterwards that it was one of the hardest delivered punches he had ever seen.

On 9 October 1933, Obie Walker landed the ‘black’ title after outpointing George Godfrey over ten rounds at The Arena, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.