1933-07-03 Panama Al Brown w pts 15 Johnny King, Belle Vue, Manchester, England - WORLD

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1933-07-03 Panama Al Brown w pts 15 Johnny King, Belle Vue, Manchester, England - WORLD. Referee: Jack Dare. Knocked down in the second, third, fifth, seventh and eighth rounds from heavy counters, King (117¾) looked spent, but in the ninth session he found renewed strength and tore into Brown (117) with a vengeance. Subsequently it was all King, despite him being momentarily knocked down again in the 11th, and all the champion did was to flagrantly hold his man throughout the rest of the contest on his way to an unpopular referee’s decision. There were many who thought that the elongated 5’11” Brown should have been disqualified, but their views passed deaf ears.

With Brown continuing to remain in Europe and following the breakdown in negotiations for a proposed February defence against Speedy Dado in Paris, the Californian Boxing Commission eventually ran out of patience and said that they would probably recognise the winner of a forthcoming State title fight between Dado (117) and Young Tommy (117), as being the world champion. The fight duly took place at the Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles on 24 October, being won by the former on points over ten rounds, and three days later, on 27 October, the Commission confirmed that they would now be recognising Dado as champion. Earlier, on 12 October 1932, Dado (116) had outpointed Tommy (116) over ten rounds at the Auditorium, Oakland to win the State title, while a rematch saw Tommy (117) reverse the decision over Dado (117½) on 19 May 1933 at the Dreamland Auditorium, Los Angeles. In some quarters both of these contests were reported as involving the Californian version of the world title before being denied by the Commission.