1933-10-02 Marcel Thil w pts 15 Kid Tunero, Sports Palace, Paris, France - IBU

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1933-10-02 Marcel Thil w pts 15 Kid Tunero, Sports Palace, Paris, France - IBU. Referee: Maurice Nicod. Defending his championship against a man who had beaten him in a non-title affair earlier in the year, this time round Thil (159½) proved he was the better man, especially in the first six rounds as Tunero (157) came on to his punches. It was only in the seventh that Tunero changed tactics, using excellent footwork and clever left-hand work to get back into the fight. The final few rounds saw the men go toe to toe, with Thil’s greater strength earning him the unanimous decision.

With the IBU recognising Thil and the NYSAC supporting Lou Brouillard as champion at this time, another man to be awarded a world title was Vearl Whitehead (163), who had defeated the 160lbs Gorilla Jones (w disq 10 at the Dreamland Auditorium, San Francisco, California on 28 July). According to the 27 October issue of the Milwaukee Journal, the Californian Boxing Committee decided to recognise Whitehead as world champion on the basis of his win over Jones, but on the very same day Whitehead was outpointed over ten rounds at the Legion Stadium, Los Angeles, California by another Californian, Chick Devlin, who came in above 160lbs. Whether that changed anything or not soon became irrelevant when, within two months of that date, all but one of the committee had been removed from office.