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1933-12-25 Frankie Klick w rsc 7 (15) Kid Chocolate, The Arena, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA - PENN. Referee: Spud Murphy. Right from the outset Klick (127¾), mixing it up freely, had little or no respect for the champion and looked particularly effective with solid body punches in the second round. Although Chocolate (130) came back well, whipping in blows at speed, the third and fourth rounds saw Klick working his man over before the pair went head to head in the fifth and sixth. The seventh session turned into a disaster for the tiring Chocolate as he was harried and bulled around by the rampant Klick prior to being sent crashing from a right to the jaw. Up on his feet at ‘six’ but lurching crazily, the referee called it off with just two seconds of the round remaining and a new champion was crowned.

Two fights later and two and a half months after winning the title, Klick was challenging Barney Ross for the Illinois/Californian version of the junior welterweight crown. He never fought at 130lbs again and the weight division fell into disuse.

Following a second-round kayo win against Ted Christie (125½) at the Valley Arena, Holyoke, Massachusetts on 4 May 1942, Cleo Shans (129¼) was reported by the International News Service as being the world junior lightweight champion, but there is no evidence to support that and it was left to Sandy Saddler, who had recently lost his world featherweight title to Willie Pep, to re-established it in 1949 while waiting for a further crack at Pep.