1934-02-19 Panama Al Brown w pts 15 Young Perez, Sports Palace, Paris, France - NY/NBA/IBU

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1934-02-19 Panama Al Brown w pts 15 Young Perez, Sports Palace, Paris, France – NY/NBA/IBU. Referee: Teodoro Mario. Unable to get to the champion, Perez (117) was outclassed, winning just two rounds, while Brown (117) appeared uninterested in a kayo win, merely being content to jab and move through to the final bell in order to collect the judges’ unanimous verdict. Even when Perez did manage to give it a go, especially in the fourth and ninth rounds, Brown quickly got back in charge, scoring plenty of points with monotonous regularity but doing little damage.

Immediately prior to the fight Brown had claimed that he was no longer managed by Dave Lumiansky, being free to manage himself, and that his contract with Lumiansky had expired on 11 February 1933. Meantime, Lumiansky, who claimed the contract was valid until 10 August 1938, had accepted a title defence for Brown against Rodolfo Casanova in Mexico City on 17 April, while Brown had signed with the promoter, Jeff Dickson, for a fight against Kid Francis on 16 April in Paris. Despite Brown advising the Mexican Boxing Commission that his contract with his manager was no longer valid and he would be unable to meet Casanova, the Commission banned him, advising all other commissions of their decision. This led to Brown being suspended almost everywhere bar Europe.

On 6 June, at the Forum, Montreal, Canada, a fight took place between Bobby Leitham and Sixto Escobar, who had recently beaten Leitham and Joey Archibald. Although the NBA was calling for an elimination tournament the Montreal Boxing Commission saw the winner meeting Casanova in a fight that would decide the title. Scheduled for 15 rounds, Escobar duly won, via a fifth-round stoppage, but because Brown had been suspended until he met an opponent of the NBA’s choice the Commission would only recognise this fight as yet another eliminator despite reports to the contrary.