1934-05-28 Barney Ross w pts 15 Jimmy McLarnin, MSG Bowl, Queens, NYC, New York, USA - WORLD

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1934-05-28 Barney Ross w pts 15 Jimmy McLarnin, MSG Bowl, Queens, NYC, New York, USA - WORLD. Referee: Eddie Forbes. Scorecards: 11-2, 13-1, 1-9. Setting ring history, Ross (137¾), champion of the lightweights and junior welters, became the first man to hold three titles at one time when he took a split decision off McLarnin (142), who seemed to be just a shadow of his normal self after being on the sidelines for a year. Although McLarnin made a reasonable start to take the first and second rounds, most reporters saw Ross winning the third through to the ninth when charging in with hefty wallops and surprising all by taking the heavy punches coming his way. The ninth was hectic and Ross was put down by a cracking left hook before getting up and tearing into McLarnin with both hands firing to produce two left hooks of his own to drop the latter. In the tenth it could be noticed that Ross was tiring and for the next five sessions McLarnin made his big effort as the New Yorker began to wilt under the body punches and long-range lefts. However, eager to build on his earlier supremacy, Ross came out for the 15th like a man who knew he was only moments away from victory as he charged into McLarnin savagely, throwing caution to the wind and crowding the champion to such an extent that he was unable to get any heavy shots off. It had been a thrilling affair, but McLarnin was not done for quite yet and would make a better account of himself in the return.