1934-06-26 Sixto Escobar w co 9 (15) Rodolfo Casanova, The Forum, Montreal, Canada - MONTREAL

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26 June Sixto Escobar w co 9 (15) Baby Casanova, The Forum, Montreal, Canada - MONTREAL. Referee: Mickey McGowan. Billed for Montreal’s version of the world title, for the first seven rounds Escobar (116½) gave Casanova (117½) an out-and-out boxing lesson, putting him down with a right cross in the third and generally producing the better punches. In sheer desperation, Casanova opened up in the eighth to win the session, but that would be his only success and although he somehow remained upright as Escobar crashed in right after right in the ninth, a left hook followed by a beautifully timed right uppercut sent him crashing face down to be counted out on the 2.36 mark. Although The Ring magazine and other publications were claiming Escobar to be the NBA champion on the result, the Montreal Gazette reported that although Brown was suspended the NBA still recognised him as champion, while the Montreal Boxing Commission persisted in billing it for the world title despite being affiliated to the NBA.