1934-08-08 Sixto Escobar w pts 15 Eugene Huat, The Forum, Montreal, Canada - MONTREAL

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1934-08-08 Sixto Escobar w pts 15 Eugene Huat, The Forum, Montreal, Canada - MONTREAL. Referee: Mickey McGowan. Staging a game display of defensive boxing and sheer grit, Huat (117½), many times sent reeling from heavy lefts and rights, somehow kept his feet to come back two-fistedly. Escobar (117) was always in front despite having to show good defensive skills of his own to collect the unanimous decision, but it was the challenger who got the biggest cheers for his gallant display.

After the fight, the Montreal Boxing Commission asked the NBA to force Panama Al Brown to meet Escobar for the NBA title in Canada on 13 September or risk being stripped. Brown refused the fight on 26 August on the grounds that there was not enough time for him to prepare, and remained suspended.

Having reached an agreement to hold an NBA elimination tournament at The Forum, the promoter, Armand Vincent, started on 8 November with Nat Litfin (w pts 10 Huat), Frankie Martin (w pts 10 Lefty Gwynne) and Indian Quintana (w pts 10 Joe Tei Ken) successfully making it to the next round.

Prior to the next round getting underway on 7 December, It was heard that Escobar, who was due to meet Litfin, had been injured in a car crash and would be out for at least two months. Litfin was also unavailable having injured both hands during his win over Huat, while Quintana had taken in a return against Tei Ken (w pts 8 at Madison Square Garden, NYC, Manhattan, New York on 30 November), but would need time to allow an eye injury to heal.

The next round finally went ahead on 20 December, with Salica (w pts 10 Quintana) and Felipe Yambo Andrade (w pts 10 Martin) getting through. However, with Litfin and Escobar unavailable and Andrade struggling with the weight, Salica decided to enter the Californian tournament, thus leaving the Montreal eliminators high and dry.

Escobar eventually got back into action, surprisingly being outscored in a ten-round non-title fight by the future world lightweight champion, Juan Zurita, at the City Bullring, Mexico City, Mexico on 30 March 1935 before getting wins over Joey Archibald and Johnny Bang.

After Pete Sanstol had returned from a four-fight campaign in Europe requiring time to recover from a foot injury, a match between him and Escobar was eventually lined up for 7 August. This was followed by the news that the NYSAC and NBA would both recognise a fight between the winner and Salica as deciding the title.