1935-06-01 Baltasar Sangchilli w pts 15 Panama Al Brown, The Bullring, Valencia, Spain - IBU

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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1 June Baltazar Sangchilli w pts 15 Panama Al Brown, The Bullring, Valencia, Spain - IBU. Referee: Rene Schemann. Postponed from the previous week when torrential rain made it impossible for the fighters to start, Brown (117¾) suffered the most from the postponement due to weight problems and was only a shadow of his self on the night. Understandably weak, at no stage did the champion look likely to win, spending much of the time spoiling, while Sangchilli (118) fought with great gusto to become Spain’s first ever world champion on receiving the judges’ decision. After beating Brown but not being accepted by the NBA as champion, Sangchilli was supported by The Ring magazine who saw him as the lineal champion. Eventually, Sangchilli set sail for America in March 1936 with a view to meeting Sixto Escobar to decide the championship. Proving himself to be a determined, hard-working, aggressive battler, Sangchilli won two warm-up fights before being matched against Tony Marino in a fight that could not be given title billing as the NYSAC already supported Sixto Escobar as their titleholder. The previously unknown Marino had recently shocked Lou Salica (w pts 10 at the Queensboro Stadium, Queens, NYC, New York) on 2 June 1936 and the fight went ahead under championship conditions at the Dyckman Oval, Manhattan, NYC on 29 June 1936 with Marino, having been floored four times, eventually knocking Sangchilli out in the 14th round. Despite the result, the IBU, at their annual congress on 8 August 1936, maintained that Sangchilli should still be recognised as their champion, while Marino went on to challenge Escobar for the American title. What was surprising about the IBU’s stance on Sangchilli was that they then waited for more than 18 months before asking the Spaniard, who had been sidelined for three months, to make a defence against the former champion, Brown.