1935-09-09 Benny Lynch w rtd 2 (15) Jackie Brown, Belle Vue, Manchester, England - GB

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1935-09-09 Benny Lynch w rtd 2 (15) Jackie Brown, Belle Vue, Manchester, England - GB. Referee: Moss Deyong. Dominating the fight from the opening gong, Lynch (110¾) put Brown (111¾) down five times in the first round and six in the second, although several were not scored as knockdowns as Brown was up immediately without a count on several occasions. With left hooks to the body taking their toll, there was no doubt that the champion had gone to the well once to often in making the weight, but he was as game as a pebble and it was only when he was on his way to being floored for the 11th time and his legs were giving out that he held up his hand in an act of surrender. The fight had lasted just four minutes and 42 seconds.

Immediately following his championship winning victory, the IBU who had not recognised Brown v Lynch as a title fight, gave Lynch until 25 September to sign for a contest against Valentin Angelmann. When he failed to do so they announced that the Frenchman would box the current European champion, Kid David, for their version of the title. Angelmann had lost on points to Lynch in a non-title fight in September 1934 and with the Scot intent on fighting the top American and the IBU not having a working agreement with the BBBoC, he was ignored.

Taking three months out, Lynch got ready to come back to the ring at the start of 1936, but having run into managerial problems he was forced to take a contracted non-title fight with Jimmy Warnock at the King’s Hall, Belfast on 12 March 1936. Losing on points over 12 rounds, his first defeat since 28 March 1933, did not sit kindly with Lynch and he came back strongly to beat Mickey McGuire and two others in quick fashion before being instructed by the BBBoC to defend his titles against Pat Palmer. Palmer had been matched against Warnock in a final eliminator, but the Irishman was unfortunately injured at the time and Palmer was given his chance.