1935-09-16 Small Montana w pts 10 Midget Wolgast, Municipal Auditorium, Oakland, California, USA - CALIFORNIA

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1935-09-16 Small Montana w pts 10 Midget Wolgast, The Auditorium, Oakland, California, USA - CALIFORNIA. Referee: Eddie Burns. Setting the stage for a unifying contest against Benny Lynch, the sturdy Montana (109½) who was reported to be little bundle of fighting fury by The Ring magazine, got the better of a weight-drained Wolgast (111¾) who had weighed in at 125lbs just seven days earlier. Not only did Wolgast give the fast and clever two-fisted Filipino a good run for his money, there were many who thought he deserved the referee’s verdict or at least a draw in a closely fought contest.

The match had been made after Montana had outpointed Wolgast (w pts 10 at the Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento, California) on 3 July 1935 in a non-title fight at catchweights. Although Wolgast had failed to defend the NYSAC version of the world title since 1931 and had continued his career as a bantam he was still recognised by many, including the NYSAC, as being the American flyweight champion. This, despite him being dropped from The Ring magazine flyweight ratings in June and placed among the bantams. According to the magazine, there was an outstanding offer of five thousand dollars on the table from an English promoter for Wolgast to make 112lbs for Benny Lynch and by his refusal it was assumed that he could no longer make that weight. However, when the Californian Boxing Commission decided to bill Montana v Wolgast for the world title, apart from surprise, there were not too many arguments other than those doubting whether the latter would be able to make the required weight.