1936-09-01 Gustave Roth w pts 15 Heinz Lazek, Engelmann’s Arena, Vienna, Austria - IBU

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1936-09-01 Gustave Roth w pts 15 Hein Lazek, Engelmann’s Arena, Vienna, Austria - IBU. In a fight that was billed for the IBU version of the world championship, with Lazek defending his European title at the same time, the latter disappointed his fans when unable to use his greater power and longer reach effectively against the clever and experienced Roth. Not only having the speed of a middleweight, Roth was a revelation as he also showed power, toughness and great fighting spirit to dictate the fight almost from start to finish. It appeared that Lazek, seemingly already beaten by the tenth, was not in the best of shape, being stiff and hesitant for too long. The press report of the fight stated that Roth won at least eight of the 15 rounds clearly, with Lazek possibly taking three, the rest being even. Time and again the audience waited for a decisive attack from Lazek, only for him to be thwarted as Roth held on when necessary, and while the Belgian looked as fresh at the final bell Lazek was heavily marked.