1937-03-24 Gustave Roth w pts 15 Preciso Merlo, Sports Palace, Brussels, Belgium - IBU

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1937-03-24 Gustave Roth w pts 15 Merlo Preciso, Sports Palace, Brussels, Belgium - IBU. Referee: Francois Vaisberg. According to the L’independance the fight was extremely one-sided with Roth landing the better punches throughout while Preciso merely received them. Within a round or so from the start Preciso’s face began to show signs of wear and the damage continued to worsen due to the flow of leather coming his way. The former European champion had come into the contest following just one win in his last five outings and he proved to be no match for the clever Roth, who was far too good for him. Not only was Roth difficult to hit but he seemed able to send in straight lefts and uppercuts almost as and when he pleased. At the same time, it did not help Preciso’s cause that he lacked the power required to turn the fight round with one punch. Roth’s balance and movement were a joy to watch in terms of ring science, but with Preciso’s corner at a loss to advise their man tactically the decision was a formality.