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1938-03-04 Panama Al Brown w pts 15 Baltasar Sangchilli, Sports Palace, Paris, France - IBU. Still recognised by the IBU as champion, despite his defeat at the hands of Tony Marino in June 1936, Sangchilli (118) finally ran out of luck when losing against Brown (117¼), the man he had defeated for the title in the first place. Behind on points at the end of the eighth, Sangchilli came with a great effort and in the 13th he lashed into Brown, pounding away with vigour, while the latter clutched him in desperation. Unfortunately for Sangchilli, the challenger continually held him vice like for the remainder of the contest without respite and was awarded the judges’ decision and title for his sins.

During an international boxing convention held in Rome, Italy in April, the IBU agreed to refuse to recognise all individually-made world champions, including their own man, in an effort to stand by one universally recognised champion.

Later that year, on 27 August, an Australian promoter, in an effort to put the country’s champion, Mickey Miller, on the map, matched him against the Filipino, Star Frisco, at The Stadium, Newcastle and advertised it as a 15-round world title bout. While Frisco (116) won thanks to Miller (117½) being disqualified in the sixth round, the fight was not even seen throughout the rest of Australia as involving the world championship and the Filipino was accorded no recognition whatsoever.