1938-04-07 Edouard Tenet w rtd 12 (15) Jupp Besselmann, Sports Palace, Berlin, Germany - IBU

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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1938-04-07 Edouard Tenet w rtd 12 (15) Josef Besselmann, Sports Palace, Berlin, Germany - IBU. In a battle for the vacant IBU version of the world title, Tenet (157½) proved to be too strong, fast and clever for Besselmann (156½) and following hard-fought exchanges of hooks and swings in the early rounds he gradually got on top. Still keeping up a fast pace, the Frenchman, despite being hurt to the body, roared into the 12th session to batter Besselmann, who retired on his stool during the interval after claiming to have been hit low. During an international Boxing Convention held in Rome in April 1938, which was attended by many leading authorities within the sport, the IBU agreed to refuse to recognise all individually-made world champions, including Tenet, in an effort to stand by one universally acknowledged champion, who, in turn, would have to concede to regular defences decided by the new Federation.