1938-09-22 Peter Kane w pts 15 Jackie Jurich, Anfield, Liverpool, England - GB

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22 September Peter Kane w pts 15 Jackie Jurich, Anfield, Liverpool, England - GB. Referee: Eugene Henderson. Surprisingly, instead of making his normal two-fisted start to a fight the hard-hitting 20-year-old Kane (111¼) outboxed Jurich (111½) in orthodox fashion and proved too strong, scoring six knockdowns in all. Despite being unable to find the finishing punch, the young Englishman fully deserved the referee’s decision and looked to be a star of the future.

However, having won the title, Kane too found that he was beginning to struggle with making the weight and in May 1939 he announced that he was relinquishing the title in order to campaign as a bantamweight.

A few months later, with war raging throughout Europe, championship boxing was the last thing on the BBBoC’s mind and the title went into hibernation before resurfacing in 1943. By March 1940 there was a new kid on the block in Scotland’s Jackie Paterson, who was now top-rated by The Ring magazine having won the British flyweight title when beating Paddy Ryan (w co 13 at the Cartyne Greyhound Track, Glasgow on 30 September 1939) and the British Empire crown on defeating Richie Kid Tanner (w pts 15 at the King’s Hall, Belle View, Manchester on 11 March 1940). Patterson continued in excellent form and after Kane had come back strongly as a flyweight, the pair being listed first and second in The Ring magazine ratings, the BBBoC, supported by the NYSAC, matched them for the vacant world title in June 1943.