1938-11-30 Little Dado w pts 10 Small Montana, Minicipal Auditorium, Oakland, California, USA - CALIFORNIA

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1938-11-30 Little Dado w pts 10 Small Montana, Municipal Auditorium, Oakland, California, USA - CALIFORNIA. Referee: Jimmy Duffy. Fighting in front of 7,000 fans, Dado (111) gave Montana (109) a real going over in winning at least seven of the ten rounds on the referee’s card, the victor’s body punching being a serious factor to the way the contest evolved.

Although Dado was now recognised in California as world champion, it did not stop a promotion going ahead in the same town, matching the loser, Montana, with Jackie Jurich for the vacant American title, the latter winning via a seventh-round kayo at the Legion Stadium, Los Angeles, California on 3 March 1939.

Then, on 1 September 1939, the newly formed World Championship Committee agreed to recognise the winner of Dado and Italy’s European champion, Enrico Urbinati, as world champion, but unfortunately due to the war that fight fell through.

Meanwhile, in defence of his American title, Jurich outpointed Montana over ten rounds at the Municipal Auditorium, Oakland on 4 October 1939, before suffering a tenth-round kayo defeat at the hands of Little Pancho at the Legion Stadium, Los Angeles on 11 December 1939, with both men inside 112lbs.

Regardless of that result, just three days later Little Dado was proclaimed NBA flyweight champion. Although Pancho had asked the NBA to consider him as their champion at the end of October 1939, an offer that was declined, he was eventually selected by the Californian Boxing Commission to meet Dado for their version of the title.

Dado became a double world champion in California’s eyes when taking the bantamweight title from Tony Olivera (w pts 10 at the Municipal Auditorium, Oakland) on 24 April 1940, having already drawn with Olivera over ten rounds at the same venue in a non-title contest on 28 February.