1940-05-03 Sammy Angott w pts 15 Davey Day, Jefferson County Armory, Louisville, Kentucky, USA - NBA

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1940-05-03 Sammy Angott w pts 15 Davey Day, Jefferson County Armory, Louisville, Kentucky, USA - NBA. Referee: Jack Dempsey. Scorecard: 76-74. In a battle for the vacant title, Angott (134½) made a great start and Day (134½) was down for a moment from a body attack in the second round before coming back with rights to the head. It was certainly closely contested, with first one man gaining success and then the other. In the ninth, Angott drove Day before him, although the latter came back strongly with the jab in the 11th and 13th sessions only to have his energy sapped by body blows. At the final bell both men were blazing away in a desperate bid to swing it in what had been an extremely close affair, but it was Angott who received the referee’s verdict.

Out of action for nearly five months from the end of the year, following a 12-round points win over over the fourth-rated Dave Castilloux on 2 May 1941 at the Jefferson County Armory at 137lbs, it was announced that Angott would defend his title against the seventh-rated George Latka on 21 June 1941. For whatever reason the fight did not take place and Angott went on to beat other rated men such as Lenny Mancini and the Montreal-based Englishman, Harry Hurst, while waiting for the chance to meet Lew Jenkins in a fight that would unify the title. One non-title contest Angott did not win came against NYC’s future double world champion, Sugar Ray Robinson (l pts 10 on 21 July 1941 at Shibe Park, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), and afterwards Nat Fleischer, writing in The Ring magazine, stated that following Angott v Jenkins the winner should meet Robinson. A nice sentiment, but that was before the latter quickly outgrew the division and was a rated welter within a matter of months.