1940-07-10 Petey Scalzo w rtd 15 (15) Bobby Poison Ivy, Buckley Stadium, Hartford, Connecticut, USA - NBA

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1940-07-10 Petey Scalzo w rtd 15 (15) Bobby Poison Ivy, Buckley Stadium, Hartford, Connecticut, USA - NBA. Referee: Billy Taylor. Amazing the fans with his toughness, Poison Ivy (125½) made a fair start when shaking Scalzo (125½) up in the second round, but from the fourth onwards the latter scored heavily with his stabbing left jab, a punch that found the target again and again. Again the challenger came back with heavy punches in the 11th, 12th and 13th sessions that rocked Scalzo, before champion’s left hand came into its own once more. At this stage, Poison Ivy, so badly cut inside the mouth, was retired on his stool after the bell had gone to start the 15th and final round. Following his successful defence of the NBA title, Scalzo took in six non-title contests prior to the end of the year, only losing to Julie Kogon, before being asked to put his belt on the line again early in 1941. Around the same time it was reported that Scalzo’s management was in negotiations with Chalky Wright and the Filipino, Rush Dalma, among others, while Phil Zwick put down a forfeit on 25 January in an effort to bind a match in Wisconsin. Meantime, trying to keep busy by taking on overweight contests Scalzo was shocked when he was dropped five times before being stopped inside eight rounds by the inexperienced Guy Serean at the Legion Stadium, Los Angeles, California on 14 February. With continued pressure on Scalzo from the NBA to make a defence, the Zwick match was finally put to bed at the end of March and set for early May, regardless of the fact that the latter was 35 years old and was not even in the ratings.

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