1941-04-14 Izzy Jannazzo w pts 15 Jimmy Leto, The Coliseum, Baltimore, Maryland, USA - MARYLAND

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1941-04-14 Izzy Jannazzo w pts 15 Jimmy Leto, The Coliseum, Baltimore, Maryland, USA - MARYLAND. Referee: Charlie Short. Both men started fast, Leto (145½) landing the harder and cleaner punches, and Jannazzo (145½) keeping up an effective left jab, supplemented with an occasional right cross, to the challenger’s face. It soon became a nip-and-tuck affair, with first one man going to the front then the other. Although Leto (145½) shook Jannazzo up with the left hook several times he was unable to land a finishing blow, but despite that failing when the split decision in the latter’s favour was announced it was not well received, the referee feeling that Leto’s aggression had warranted him victory.

Meanwhile, after Jannazzo failed to further his world title ambitions when unable to force a bout against Freddie Cochrane he was eventually reduced to mixing with middleweights, suffering losses against Coley Welch, Fritzie Zivic, Saverio Turiello, Johnny Jackson and Eddie Booker along the way. However, when Jannazzo (147) took on Sugar Ray Robinson (143½) at The Arena, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 10 October 1942, losing on points over ten rounds, he was reported as still holding the Maryland version of the world title despite the State showing scant interest at the time. What is clear, following that fight and his next one, also against Robinson (l rsc 8 at The Arena, Cleveland, Ohio on 1 December 1942), who weighed 145lbs, is that he was no longer recognised in Maryland afterwards.