1941-06-18 Joe Louis w co 13 (15) Billy Conn, Polo Grounds, Manhattan, NYC, New York, USA - WORLD

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1941-06-18 Joe Louis w co 13 (15) Billy Conn, Polo Grounds, Manhattan, NYC, New York, USA - WORLD. Referee: Eddie Joseph. Having recently vacated the light heavyweight title, Conn (174) came closer to taking the champion’s crown than any previous challenger in a contest that will go down in history as a near miss. Hurt in the second by body punches and dropping the opening two rounds, Conn picked it up in the third to belt Louis (199½) around the ring, with the latter looking a sucker for the left hook. Ripping in many telling blows, Conn was proving to be a difficult opponent and his speed was making it hard for Louis to catch him. However, Louis came back strongly in the fourth through the sixth and caught Conn several times, the youngster being forced to take more blows to the stomach. By the eighth Conn was warming to the task, making great progress, and he continued the good work in the ninth before Louis shaded the tenth due to his infighting. Back came Conn in the 11th and 12th sessions as he smothered Louis and almost dropped him in a tremendous rally, but it was here that he lost the fight, his spirit getting the better of him. Coming out for the 13th, just about ahead on the cards of most scribes, Conn decided to go for broke, belting the champion to head and body before a terrific right to the jaw took all the fight out of him. Despite Conn making an effort to keep going he was forced to take a series of lefts and rights to head and body and when attempting to clinch, Louis pushed him away and dropped him for the full count with a right to the jaw. There were just two seconds of the session remaining.