1944-11-14 Manuel Ortiz w rsc 9 (15) Luis Castillo, Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, USA - WORLD

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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14 November Manuel Ortiz w rsc 9 (15) Luis Castillo, Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, USA - WORLD. Referee: Benny Whitman. Meeting where they left off, Ortiz (117½) and Castillo (117) put on another thriller and one which seemed to be heralding a new champion when the former was battered and dropped in the second round. However, Ortiz came out for the third as if nothing had occurred and for the next three sessions it was hammer and tongs all the way before he gained control in the sixth, flooring Castillo heavily and gradually beating him to a pulp. Castillo looked a pathetic sight when he came out for the ninth, his left eye closed and bleeding badly, and when he was dropped by a heavy right to the jaw the referee stopped the fight on the 2.06 mark so that the doctor could treat him immediately. Following this, Ortiz was inducted into the US Army and in order to keep the division active Castillo was matched against Benny Goldberg for the ‘duration’ title. Despite losing on points over ten rounds at the Legion Stadium, Hollywood on 18 May 1945, Castillo was matched against Tony Olivera on 15 June at the Auditorium, Menneapolis, Minnesota for the self same title. After outpointing the Mexican over 15 rounds, Olivera twice retained his newly-won spoils against the same opponent - drawing over the same distance at the Civic Auditorium, San Francisco on 9 July and 27 August 1945, before Ortiz picked up his career in November of that year. However, it was Castillo, not Olivera, who was selected for the champion’s next defence, having outscored the latter over ten rounds at the Civic Auditorium on 10 December 1945.