1946-07-10 Jackie Paterson w pts 15 Joe Curran, Hampden Park, Glasgow, Scotland - WORLD

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1946-07-10 Jackie Paterson w pts 15 Joe Curran, Hampden Park, Glasgow, Scotland - WORLD. Referee: Moss Deyong. Too one-sided to be considered a great fight, Patterson (112), despite having difficulty making the weight, was the master of the heavy-punching challenger, Curran (111), and scored two knockdowns to fully warrant the referee’s decision. Both men were cut around the eyes. Paterson forfeited NBA recognition in July 1947, having thrice pulled out of title defences against Dado Marino. Originally arranged for 11 June in Glasgow, a day or so before the contest was due to take place Paterson went down with an attack of boils and as a result the fight was postponed until 9 July. Unfortunately, Paterson suffered another attack which further postponed the fight until 16 July, a date he claimed he was still unable to meet having not properly recovered. The tournament went ahead with Rinty Monaghan, who had recently defeated Terry Allen and Emil Famechon, stepping in at the last moment to fight Marino, losing on a ninth-round disqualification in a non-title bout. Immediately following that, The BBBoC stripped Paterson of the British, Empire and world flyweight titles - leaving him with the British and Empire bantamweight belts - stating that in their opinion there was nothing in his physical condition to have prevented him from attending the weigh-in.