1948-03-23 Rinty Monaghan w co 7 (15) Jackie Paterson, King's Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland - WORLD

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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1948-03-23 Rinty Monaghan w co 7 (15) Jackie Paterson, King's Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland - WORLD. Referee: Tommy Little. Floored and cut in the second round, Paterson (111¾) was a shell of his former self having struggled to make the weight. Despite that he had come back into the contest before he was smashed to the floor by a right hand in the seventh. Getting up at ‘nine’, the champion was hammered around the ring by Monaghan (110¾) until he sunk to the canvas to be counted out. Interestingly, Maurice Sandeyron, the European champion, was appointed to deputise on the day if either of the contestants failed to make the required poundage.

In September, having successfully defended the European title he had won from Raoul Degryse by means of a 15-round draw against Dickie O'Sullivan at Olympia, Kensington, London on 6 July, Sandeyron was nominated by the boxing commissions as Monaghan’s leading challenger, being given verbal promises by the Irishman’s management that he would get his overdue opportunity very shortly. However, within a matter of weeks, Monaghan was offered $20,000 to meet Dado Marino in Honolulu, Hawaii and obviously gave it a lot of thought.

Meantime, Sandeyron again successfully defended the European title against O’Sullivan (w pts 15 at The Arena, Harringay, London, on 8 November). With Monaghan apparently holding out for more money, pressure was instigated by the BBBoC to ensure a deal was closed quickly, and in January 1949 the champion agreed a record purse for a flyweight encounter while allowing himself a warm-up contest against Terry Allen.