1950-04-18 Sandy Saddler w rsc 9 (15) Lauro Salas, The Arena, Cleveland, Ohio, USA - NBA

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1950-04-18 Sandy Saddler w rsc 9 (15) Lauro Salas, The Arena, Cleveland, Ohio, USA - NBA. Referee: Jackie Davis. Saddler (130) was far too good for the man challenging him for his synthetic title and it came as no surprise when Salas (130) was eventually dropped by a cracking left hook to the jaw in the ninth, having been on the verge of defeat in many of the previous rounds. Although Salas, who had been cut to ribbons by Saddler’s rapier-like punches, was on his feet at ‘eight’, he was in no condition to carry on and the referee wisely called it off with just nine seconds of the round remaining. On 25 May at the Auditorium, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Saddler (130) stopped Cuba’s Miguel Acevedo (130) inside six rounds, in another non-title featherweight contest over ten rounds. However, after regaining his old featherweight crown on 8 September 1950, the NBA ceased to recognise Saddler as the 130lbs champion under their only one title at a time ruling, although that didn’t stop the Cleveland Boxing Commission from continuing to recognise him as the champion of the 130 pounders. Other contests Saddler took part in after winning back his featherweight crown, where both he and the opponent weighed less than 130lbs and where there was no apparent official backing, came in Missouri against Harry LaSane (128) and Charley Riley (128¾). Saddler beat both men on points over ten rounds - LaSane at the Kiel Auditorium, St Louis on 12 October 1950 and Riley at the Oakland Avenue Arena, St Louis on 1 November 1950.